Did you ever have the feeling of quiting your job to really follow your passion?

Well.. l had this feeling for a long time and last year I finally did!

After working in the fashion industry for several years I had seen enough, I wanted to experience the feeling of true responsibility for something I could call my own. Riding around on my bike I saw a lot of people smashing huge amounts of money on their bikes to make them look great, but ‘forgetting’ they could also express themselves by wearing good quality, one of a kind kit, resulting in rather boring kit combo’s. I wanted to contribute to the cycling apparel scene by creating a brand that combines form and function, more specifically: Putting one of a kind, well thought-out designs on premium Italian and/or Swiss performance fabrics with a focus on overall functionality. My love for cycling, combined with the passion I have for fashion resulted in me taking the leap of faith and creating a cycling apparel brand to be able to share my vision of cool looking kit with you!

I quit my job last year and released my first collection a couple of weeks ago. In the meantime I’ve been looking out for ánd tested several suppliers from Italy, as I believe they still make the best cycling apparel available. In addition to this it will keep our carbon footprint smaller than when the kits would be created in the far east for example. As cyclists we are depending on nature to be able to ride our bikes. I think it’s really important to give the next generations the same possibilities of doing so.

From idea to final product: choices, choices and even more choices..

After a few months I finally found a supplier that could ánd wanted to help me develop my own cycling apparel brand. For me it meant that I could tailor the items to my own specific demands so LUST for cycling would truly embody my vision on cycling apparel. During my trip to the factory the choices and possibilities were great, making me able to create the cycling apparel I already had in mind from the very beginning. From the fabrics used in the jerseys and bibshorts to the choice of zippers and the right chamois and so on.. I felt like a kid in a candy store, it’s really great to see technical cycling apparel being made by very passionate people!

Our supplier has it’s production facility in the Veneto region in Northern Italy. They are amongst the top 5 biggest and most renowned cycling apparel production facilities in Italy. All items are cut, printed, stitched and packaged in Italy before they are sent to the Netherlands.

After rigorous sample testing the items were ready to go into production. Unfortunately this took way longer than planned, but ok, let’s say that’s part of the start up face.

Now the brand is finally up and running I’m very proud to present you the first collection of LUST for cycling. The brand that says NO to boring kit designs! All items are made with great attention to detail. They are all inspired on prints found in the fashion industry but translated to the sport we all love so much, cycling!

Thanks for taking a look at my webshop and, if you decide to purchase LUST for cycling items, thank you in advance! I’m sure they will put a smile on your face!


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