Fair & Sustainable.

At Lust for Cycling we truly make an effort in trying to be as sustainable as possible, below you can read (some) of the efforts we make:

  • All casual items are packed in biodegradable plastics, meaning that once they are exposed to sunlight & oxygen, a biodegration process will start.
  • We try to fit as much items in the plastic packaging as possible. This way we aim to reduce the amount of plastics used.
  • We try to send every order in the best fitting package. Transporting air is a waste.
  • All items are made from organically grown cotton. Organic cotton needs far less water to grow, ánd no harmful chemicals are used.
  • We try to create all designs using the most environment friendly materials within their product group. This is why our prints are made from water based inks instead of oil based ones.
  • We try to reduce the use of man made fibres like polyester. If we do use polyester, we aim to use recycled polyester.
Made in a fair way.

Our items are made by a factory in Bangladesh. We know, it’s also the country where tons of people ‘work’ in so called sweat shops for something you can’t even call a wage.

But that’s not the case at this factory. The employees are well taken care of. They have good working conditions in a clean and modern factory ánd most importantly: they get fair wages.

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