We make sure you can wear your passion for cycling.
Everywhere you go.

We were founded in 2018, when we started creating high quality cycling apparel for Men and Women, defined by a unisex design approach.

Fast forward to 2020 we’ve made a turn towards Casual apparel with a strong link to our cycling passion. Our main focus will be on expanding this line-up with more and more options in the nearby future.

The core principles of our Casual collection are: high quality garments, sustainability, contemporary designs ánd a Unisex approach.

You know that feeling of always wanting to grab your bike?

That one that gives you instant happiness by only thinking about it?

It’s what separates us from human beings who don’t know the simple pleasures of riding a bike.

That’s why you will find this phrase throughout our complete range. Sometimes big, often small. But always there to remind us what makes us special.
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